The year in review @ SQLstream

We’ve been saying it all year:

The speed at which organizations can convert fast data into insight-and then to action—is starting to separate the winners from the crowd. The market, too, is getting it: in a recent Technologies to watch quadrant by ZDNet, fast data processing (from streaming ingestion, to streaming analytics and live action) is finally saluted as a disruptive technology—IF it’s continuous, AND real-time. 

And it’s no wonder: all the predictably cool stuff (Internet-of-Everything. Data-in-motion platforms. The cloud. 3-tier-Security.) needs continuous, real-time, integrative processing of streaming data, preferably ran in the comfort of the familiar (think Hadoop, SQL, Lambda). And, while machine learning will continue to grab all the headlines, everyone now agrees: it’s the real-time streaming that will finally push fast data from a niche concept into one with broad, cross-industry appeal.

Between ranking in the leaders’ circle in Forrester’s report on Streaming Analytics vendors and being licensed by Amazon for its Kinesis Analytics service, it’s been a good year for SQLstream- and for our customers. Here are a few things we are most proud of:


Amazon- the story

Together since 2016 and going strong

With SQLstream being a Forrester leader in Streaming Analytics and Amazon Kinesis Analytics being launched this year with the precise scope of taking data streaming analysis to the cloud, it was a match made in heaven. This is how it all began: 

Head in the cloud  
Streaming Analytics presence growing 

Keeping the smarts on the ground can quickly get expensive and too slow: enterprise data warehouses, Hadoop clusters, and relational databases need to store the data before it’s analyzed, facing growing hardware and latency-related costs with each incremental change in volume. 

Moving the smarts to the cloud through hybrid, distributed streaming analytics is sometimes vital for the overall performance of IoT implementations. Hybrid architectures are most likely to balance safety and real-time value, and come to support areas experiencing rapid growth- like Health, Smart Cities, or Telecom. 

In 2016, this is how SQLstream welcomed and supported the rise of the cloud:

Up, up, up 
SQLstream amongst top players in data

With Hadoop turning 10, cloud services gaining terrain and NoSQL players recognizing the value in SQL as a bridge from the RDBMSs that have reigned in the IT world for decades, our year has been a vertiginous—and rather public—climb to the top. 

This year, we made it onto a few very important lists: Forrester’s top 15 Streaming Analytics vendors (where we placed in the leaders’ circle), DBTA’s DBTA 100 2016 – The Companies That Matter Most in Data, and Amazon’s preferred partner list, to only name a few.

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Real-time for the bottom line

Webinar series in popular demand

Starting in September, our Real-time for the bottom line webinar series looked at how true real-time technologies can influence success by empowering businesses to make the right decision, at the right time, all the time. 

SQLstream, together with our guests, explored streaming analytics (with Forrester, September), streaming ingestion (with ECaTS and Teradata, in October) and live action (in December), and discovered that data can generate value only if insight is translated into an action continuously and in real time.

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