Edan Kabatchnik, Vice President of Product Management, Guavus Platform at Guavus, explains why SQL is the best option for high-performance streaming analytics during our recent webinar with DataRobot. 

The SQL benefits

01. Time series

The latest SQL standard (SQL:2011) supports time-series data processing with operators such as the WINDOW clause.                       


02. Scale-ups

SQL supports the optimization of continuous queries over a large set of cores without requiring the developer to write multi-threaded code, understand lock concurrency or the use of semaphores.

03. Scale-outs

For scale-out, SQL for stream processing supports the optimization of distributed SQL queries over any number of servers with optimization for low latency and high throughput.               

04. Continuous

Streaming SQL queries execute continuously, processing data as they arrive over row or time-based Windows. A streaming SQL query never ends, ensuring millisecond response times.