anomaly detection

Find the patterns and anomalous events as they occur, and understand their meaning in real time. 

Discover risks and opportunities in real time

Background and applications

When large data volumes stream in continuously from variety sources with high velocity, unless you look closely and immediately, you can miss critical insights that are urgent for you to act on. With batch-mode analytics in Big Data or data warehouse solutions, by the time you gain operational insights, they are no longer actionable. SQLstream offers streaming processing and analytics capabilities to detect patterns and anomalies that matter to your business as they happen, and allows for immediate action.

  • Respond to critical events while they are still actionable
  • Outsmart business risks such as fraud, compliance issues, and security breaches
  • Seize opportunities for improving customer experience and profitable revenue growth
  • Use an end-to-end, enterprise grade platform to support mission-critical application



Detecting anomalies is a complex process, and depends on the quality and quantity of data, the speed at which it can be processed, and the methodology for interpreting it. 

streaming ingestion  | streaming integration | stream analytics | visualisation | alerting


The SQLstream solution

SQLstream offers an end-to-end solution for real-time data integration, comprehensive streaming analytics, and data visualization to accurately discover critical, time-sensitive insights and enables automated response. Its ease-of-use enables fast time-to-market and easy modification of analytical applications. As a complete, enterprise-grade platform, it meets the strict security, reliability, and scalability requirements of business-critical solutions.




Popular business cases

Instant response to streaming events

Increased transparency of your data lake



Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, AMQP