Guavus SQLstream is the first streaming SQL solution to empower developers, IT and business analysts to use different skillsets to achieve operational insight and automated action.


Data Analysts

Use StreamLab WYSIWYG editor to build applications without code. 


Data Anaylst

It’s never been easier for analysts build streaming dashboards with real-time alerts.  Just a little SQL knowledge goes a long way as StreamLab guides you through the process with AI suggestions and automatic code generation.


– Basic SQL skills are all you need to create fast insights

– Guided AI provides recommendations for you

– Auto-SQL generation means fewer mistakes and greater code optimization

– Out-of-box streaming visualization is one stop shop

 IT professionals will love Guavus SQLstream for its ease-of-use and blazingly fast performance. Quickly create monitoring apps with real-time alerts and streaming dashboards to maintain quality of service, detect threats and find anomalies.


– Use SQL skills you already have

– Perfect for monitoring infrastructure

– Maintain data integrity with alerting and reports

– High efficiency = less servers to handle the load


Extreme performance and efficiency provides instant insight into IT operations with fewer servers to manage. 


Use StreamLab for guided development or s-Studio for SQL Coding without the training wheels. 



SQLstream is a powerful platform for developers to create complex streaming applications that can process up to millions of events per second per core with millisecond latency. Produce simple apps in record time (hours) or roll up your sleeves and repurpose SQL code that you may already be using.


– Maximum productivity allows rapid development

– S-Studio command-line UI familiar for developers

– Cut-and-paste SQL code for application migration

– Extreme performance for the most demanding apps

Do you have a use case? Give us a spin. 

Guavus SQLstream is free to download and use up to 1GB/day (after which it throttles).