easy-to-use streaming analytics for Smart Energy and Oil&gas

Combine raw data (equipment and network, seismic and weather, social media and geolocation sensors) and stored data (performance and maintenance reports, demographics) to monitor operations and avoid hazards and equipment failures, deliver real-time pricing and optimization of energy utilization and consumption, and automatize processes to address the skills gap.

how it works

SQLstream wrangles, analyzes, and acts upon Smart Energy data in real time

Smart Energy operators must process, analyze, and react in real time to massive volumes of sensor data every day in order to improve safety, compliance, and profit. For example, real-time analysis of streaming data from drilling rig sensors, intelligent wells, and digital oilfield installations enables early detection of drilling hazards and pending equipment failures, thereby reducing rig time, intervention, and shut-ins.

Data problems include the need for real-time integration of operational systems and an inability to maintain accurate and current information across all systems and data warehouses in real time. Poor integration leads to duplication of data and systems, and a lack of visibility across all monitored assets, resulting in the delayed identification of the root cause of problems.

SQLstream’s real-time operational intelligence platform is built on a streaming data management architecture. The platform is capable of processing and analyzing rig data and smart oilfield data in real time, and supports the integration of any and all of an organization’s sensor data, operational platforms, and data warehouses without the need to store the data first.

Streaming analytics impacts all business areas


Streaming ingestion and analytics enable automatic actions that can adjust entire production systems to eliminate production challenges, reduce operational costs, and recognize opportunities in real time.


Real-time data processing predicts and eliminates well integrity and cargo safety risks, personnel health & safety risks, and system security threats before they occur.


Operational requirements are automatically updated and deployed when changes in physical work conditions negatively affect the environmental impact, or when changes in policies demand a readjustment of product, processes, or price strategies.


Capture and analyze all your data in real time to increase operational efficiency, reduce risks, and adjust compliance on the go. 


Real-Time Streaming Data Management as a Platform for Large-Scale Mission Critical Sensor Network Applications



Guavus SQLstream is free to download and use up to 1GB/day (after which it throttles).