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March 2024

easy-to-use stream processing for IoT

Collect, integrate, and analyze streaming data from the Internet of Things (IoT) to generate immediate insights.

SQLstream solves challenges of wrangling, analyzing, and acting upon IoT data in real time

Capitalizing on the richness of IoT data is enthralling, but in order to yield actionable insight, data needs to be collected, ingested, analyzed, and pushed into action in concurrently, continuously, and in real time. Building and managing a system able to support this kind of performance, productivity, and responsiveness is more often than not a non-secure, expensive, and slow exercise. And when the parameters change, it’s back to square one. 


the challenges of wrangling, analyzing, and acting upon IoT data in real time

Real-time IoT data wrangling

  • Too many data sources, too far apart
  • Collection and data transport not secure
  • Too many data formats
  • Variable bandwidth conditions
  • Data volumes too volatile
  • Volume too high for real-time responsiveness
  • Not all data is relevant
  • Interruptions 

Streaming IoT data analytics

  • Results take too long
  • Results are not easy to access
  • Results are confined to a specialized crew
  • Development takes a long time
  • Development is dependent on skill sets
  • Data manipulation cannot be done on-the-fly

Real-time, third-party integrations

  • Visualizations are not real-time
  • Visualizations are not customizable
  • Insight cannot trigger alerts
  • Insight cannot trigger automated actions
  • Consumer-facing interactions are delayed
our solution

A full-cycle IoT data processing platform

SQLstream Blaze supports IoT stream processing at all levels of the data cycle through a SQL-based data wrangling, streaming analytics and automated actions platform that is easy to use by developers and analysts alike. 

SQLstream Blaze combines raw IoT data (sensor, network, transaction records, social media) and stored data (personal history, network and security data, demographics, research data) to optimize operations by detecting system threats, monitoring and integrating all processes in real time, and automatizing actions. In parallel, revenue can be increased through support of multiple applications, millions of users and subscription-based aggregated feeds.



Case study: real-time sensor network for real-time traffic control

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is the Australian government agency responsible for managing transportation and delivering customer- focused services, in a cost-effective manner, to people who use roads, harbors and waterways- in total, over 2 Million travelers in the New South Wales region.

When population and business sector growth in Sydney has led to a sharp increase in road network congestion (threatening with financial losses upwards of $4B), the agency realized that traditional traffic monitoring platforms would not deliver significant or cost-effective reductions.

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SQLstream Blaze is free to download and use up to 1GB/day (after which it throttles).