Thumbs Up to “6 Key Requirements for IoT Success” by DataWatch

As a company with success in the IoT space, we agree wholeheartedly with this assessment and would like to validate this sentiment with a few details of our own.

1. DATA PREPARATION – Guavus SQLstream can ingest data the moment it’s created, continuously and in real time, from multiple sources at rates of millions of records per second per CPU core, incrementally preparing it for streaming analysis and instant action.

SQLstream also filters, aggregates, enriches and analyses all kinds of data streams, whether structured or unstructured, local or distributed, in-motion or at-rest. This makes the data meaningful the very moment it’s acquired.

2. DATA DISCOVERY – StreamLab, a component of Guavus SQLstream, provides a visual platform for interactively exploring machine data streams and building real-time streaming apps without having to write any code. An intelligent suggestions engine supports users in creating complete apps from ingestion to analysis and into action, by simply accepting suggestions made by StreamLab.

3. STREAMING DATA VISUALIZATION – s-Dashboard, another component of Guavus SQLstream, is an HTML5 platform for building push-based, real-time visualizations. s-Dashboard enables developers to deploy real-time dashboards for streaming analytics on any device or channel and is pre-configured with a standard set of panels, widgets, and dashboards.

4. TIME SERIES DATA – Guavus SQLstream processes streams of time-series data, record by record, as each new one arrives. Our native capability to understand time is essential for the correct, repeatable and reliable processing of a time-series data stream.

Unlike many stream processing applications that use wall clock time, SQLstream uses timestamps to process data over time windows so that alerts and patterns are correctly identified when based on the time of record creation. This is important in real-world applications in which the data is often delayed, sometimes significantly, where the only way to achieve useful answers is to wait and to process all data streams against data creation time.

5. PREDICTIVE & ADVANCED ANALYTICS – Real-time data mining, predictive analytics, and geospatial predictive analytics are executed in SQLstream to support real-time applications.

6. REAL-TIME GEOSPATIAL & LOCATION – SQLstream’s native geospatial analytics capabilities are enhanced via bundled libraries for Geo-IP lookups. For example, our GeoIP UDX incorporates the MaxMind GeoIP City database, and the Google Geocode integration transforms addresses into latitude and longitude coordinates.

Do you have an IoT application that you’d like to discuss? We’d love to talk about it.