Streaming analytics from CDRs: Real-time Big Data Analytics in Motion

SQLstream StreamApps are fast-start templates for real-time streaming machine Big Data applications.  Each StreamApp is a library of components for a specific operational business process. In a Big Data industry typified by a lack of standards and high development costs, StreamApps takes SQLstream’s standards-based SQL platform for streaming operational intelligence to the next level of usability and enterprise adoption.

StreamApps are built on SQLstream’s core s-Server streaming analytics and machine data integration platform, and enable organizations to realize immediate value from their streaming log file, sensor, device and network data. This new concept in Big Data solutions offers both rapid time to revenue and application flexibility, with the lowest Total Cost of Big Data Performance of any Big Data technology. Each StreamApp contains a set of standard components, typically including:

  • Log, equipment and device adapters for real-time data collection,
  • A package of streaming analytics,
  • Streaming dashboards,
  • General components such as data conditioning, filtering and streaming aggregation.

The latest SQLstream StreamApp for CDR/IPDR Analytics- in the Telecommunications industry Call Detail Records (CDR) and IP Detail Records (IPDR) capture information such as call duration, location and quality for every traditional voice and VoIP call. Processing CDR and IPDR records in real-time offers real-time rating, customer experience monitoring, fraud detection and real-time policy control, enabling service providers to improve overall call quality, optimize call rating, improve operational efficiency and reduce fraudulent network usage. The latest release adds support for SIP trunking and SBC network equipment providers.

The StreamApp for CDR Analytics has recently deployed by Veracity Networks, enabling them to address the demands of its expanding customer base and to deliver near-zero latency solutions for real-time call rating, service quality and performance monitoring and fraud detection from streaming CDR and IPDR record streams.

SQLstream was chosen for its capacity to dynamically scale for the rapid growth in call data, and for its ability to capture, process and integrate CDR and IPDR data from many different platforms and in different formats. Real-time integration with existing operational platforms was a key requirement, as well as the need for immediate insight through real-time dashboards and reports.