SQLstream Unveils New Release of Big Data Stream Processor

SQLstream 4.0 brings unparalleled real-time performance, Apache Storm integration, enhanced real-time visualization and new industry-specific StreamApps toolkits to the leading standards-based Big Data stream processor.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – 11 February 2014 – SQLstream, Inc., the Big Data Stream Processors company, today announced the availability of SQLstream 4.0, the new generation of its flagship Big Data stream processing product suite.

SQLstream 4.0 includes the latest s-Server Stream Processor, the fastest and most scalable release of the company’s renowned product, introduces new tools for real-time visualization of high velocity data streams, StreamApps toolkits for rapid implementation of operational intelligence solutions, and support for the Apache Storm project, the open source distributed stream computing framework.

“Organizations are telling us that to remain competitive, they need business processes that respond in real time to machine data,” said Damian Black, CEO of SQLstream. “Traditional Big Data systems based on store-then-process technology don’t work in real time. Our SQLstream 4.0 Stream Processors help organizations automate the use of vast amounts of log and sensor data to drive responsive business processes.”

Market-leading performance: SQLstream’s s-Server 4.0 Stream Processor sets the industry standard for streaming data throughput performance. SQLstream s-Server 4.0 has been benchmarked at 500,000 records per second per core, representing the lowest total cost of performance for the million records-per-second requirements of today’s cybersecurity, telecommunications, and Internet of Things applications.

Real-time dashboards: SQLstream 4.0 introduces s-Visualizer, a visualization platform for enterprise power users who wish to build drag-and-drop, real-time dashboards over streaming analytics. s-Visualizer accepts high volume push-based streams and updates continuously without having to store data and refresh.

Stream Processor for Storm: A new SQLstream Stream Processor for Storm enables continuous SQL queries to be deployed seamlessly as Storm processing nodes (known as Bolts) in Storm topologies. For organizations considering Storm implementations, SQLstream’s Stream Processor for Storm offers a significant reduction in hardware costs, improved platform manageability, and with real-time analytics in streaming SQL, a dramatic reduction in time to value.

Accelerator kits for Operational Intelligence applications: SQLstream StreamApps are quick-start kits for real-time operational intelligence applications, enabling organizations to deploy real-time solutions quickly and easily. Each StreamApp contains a set of standard components for machine data collection, streaming analytics and real-time dashboards. StreamApps launched with the release of SQLstream 4.0 include the StreamApp for telecommunications CDR/IPDR analytics with further StreamApps scheduled for release throughout 2014.

For more information about SQLstream s-Server 4.0 and its new features, and to download a free trial, visit www.sqlstream.com/whats-new-in-4.

SQLstream’s Stream Processors automate business processes using real-time analytics from unstructured sensor, log, and other machine-generated Big Data streams. SQLstream’s core stream processing engine, SQLstream s-Server, is a distributed, streaming SQL platform for real-time operational intelligence applications. SQLstream offers a full range of machine data integration agents plus integration with Hadoop and other enterprise data management platforms. SQLstream is the recipient of leading industry awards, including the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for IT Analytics and Performance. SQLstream is based in San Francisco, CA.