Guavus SQLstream Powers Real-time Apps for Reducing Traffic Congestion

Guavus SQLstream software provides live traffic information feeds to third party developers for CodeWorks Hackathon, an initiative to deliver innovative, real-time apps for reducing traffic congestion hotspots in New South Wales, Australia. SQLstream Inc., the real-time data hub for Big Data stream processing, today announced that the CodeWorks Hackathon for building innovative traffic apps will be powered by real-time information feeds from its operational traffic management solution in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. CodeWorks is organized by Transport for NSW in partnership with Deloitte, and challenges developers, entrepreneurs and students to design and build an app that improves the customer experience of NSW road users.

Powered by SQLstream

The TT5 platform for real-time traffic flow and congestion detection is built on Guavus SQLstream with the SmartCity StreamApp and has been in production in Australia with the NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) for some years. TT5 now offers live traffic information feeds through external APIs to third party developers. The developer teams in CodeWorks will have access to real-time road data, including travel time and congestion information, real-time public transportation data from the bus and train networks, including trip updates, vehicle positions and alerts, as well as road hazard information on road incidents, weather and flood warnings.

Why get involved

Previous winners of the Hackathon have achieved more than 2 million app downloads. TNSW and Deloitte help the winning teams to commercialize their ideas, and CodeWorks is also a great opportunity to network and develop new skills and knowledge. Teams are encouraged to consider the traveler experience and how this can be improved, how the app could be differentiated in the marketplace for road traffic apps, and its suitability for commercialization.

How to get involved

Interested developers should apply through Deloitte’s Application Portal. The deadline is 5pm local time on 28 August 2014. The terms and conditions for entry can be found here. The Hackathon will be held at:

Tank Stream Labs, 17-19 Bridge Street, Sydney NSW 2000
8:00am – 7:00pm Saturday 20 September 2014
8:00am – 6:00pm Sunday 21 September 2014

About TfNSW and RMS

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) is responsible for improving the customer experience, planning, program administration, policy, regulation, procuring transport services, infrastructure and freight. Transport operating agencies have been freed up to focus on service delivery – providing safe, reliable, clean and efficient transport services. TfNSW is collaborating with other NSW government agencies such as Roads and Maritime Services (RMS). RMS is a delivery agency responsible for implementing strategy and delivering customer-focused services in a cost-effective manner to people who use roads, harbors and waterways. To read more, please visit TfNSW’s website or RMS’s website.

About SQLstream

SQLstream powers real-time smart services for the Internet of Things and operational intelligence applications. SQLstream’s stream processing suite, Guavus SQLstream, collects, analyzes and integrates sensor and other machine generated data in real-time, providing the real-time insight required to drive automated actions. Guavus SQLstream includes, s-Server, the world’s fastest stream processor, and the only real-time data hub built on standards-compliant SQL. Guavus SQLstream also includes real-time dashboards, industry-specific application libraries, and a full range of data collection agents and adapters for Hadoop and other enterprise data management platforms. SQLstream is the recipient of leading industry awards, including the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for IT Analytics and Performance. SQLstream is based in San Francisco, CA.