SQLstream, Inc. joins Amazon Web Services Partner Network

SQLstream Blaze on Amazon Web Services Cloud

San Francisco, December 22nd, 2016 – SQLstream, Inc., the leading streaming analytics platform provider, today announced that it joined Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) as part of its Advanced Technology Partner tier.

This followed the news that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has licensed and implemented a subset of core technology from SQLstream Blaze, its streaming analytics platform built using ANSI standard SQL. At the same time, SQLstream developed and introduced the SQLstream Blaze Adapter for Amazon Kinesis Analytics. The SQLstream Blaze Adapter enables businesses to securely and cost-effectively ingest, analyze, and manage streaming data on and between  cloud and on-premises environments.

With a streaming analytics solution that includes SQLstream Blaze and Amazon Kinesis Analytics, customers can easily: ingest streaming data within cloud and on-premises environments; ingest all data into and out of AWS; operationalize insights continuously and in real time; deploy real-time analytics at the edge for a far lower cost; use existing apps, databases, data warehouses, and skillsets; and centralize streaming data visibility and security at global scale—all with zero downtime.

“The combination of Amazon Kinesis Analytics and SQLstream Blaze makes it easier than ever for businesses to securely and cost-effectively ingest, analyze, and manage streaming data on and between public cloud, private cloud, and on premises.” said Damian Black, CEO of SQLstream.

About SQLstream

SQLstream empowers people, services, and machines to take the next right action, continuously and in real time. SQLstream has designed its streaming analytics platform to enable anyone to create real-time applications from raw data in minutes, that deliver streaming data ingestion, streaming analytics, and live actions. SQLstream offers the only solution enabling businesses to continuously respond to changing conditions, every moment. SQLstream is based in San Francisco, California. Download SQLstream Blaze for a live experience at www.sqlstream.com/download.


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