SQLstream Explores the Low-latency Tipping Point for Real-time Big Data at E2 Conference

Ronnie Beggs Participating on “Big Data: Architecting Systems at Speed ” Panel at E2 Conference, June 18th at 2:30PM ET, Boston

San Francisco, CA | June 17, 2013 – SQLstream Inc., the streaming Big Data platform, today announced that SQLstream has been invited to speak at E2 Conference on the architectural challenges of generating real-time operational intelligence from high-velocity Big Data streams.

The panel gathers industry experts to explore how real-time, high velocity Big Data streams can be processed rapidly in order to make meaningful decisions quickly.  It has been assumed that volume is the fundamental problem presented by Big Data.  It’s not. It’s data velocity and speed to action. The panel lead by esteemed analyst Johna Till Johnson of Nemertes Research will analyze the challenges of rethinking how Big Data processing is architected.

Held at Boston Marriott Copley Place, E2 is the only conference focused entirely on the choices and challenges organizations face as a result of shifts in technology. A new event in the Big Data world, E2 offers decision makers in IT, data scientists, and business leaders a progressive forum where they can engage in sessions on the future of software, and explore how it can dictate the needed changes in corporate strategies.

“What I like about E2 Conference is its focus on the challenges that organizations face as a result of technology shifts, rather than the technology itself,” said Ronnie Beggs, SQLstream’s Vice President Marketing.  “Our panel is timely as well, given the wider focus on the cost of Big Data performance for low latency actions from high velocity machine data.”

If you are a member of the press or analyst community and are interested in setting up a meeting with SQLstream at GigaOM Structure:Data, please contact Ronnie Beggs via email at ronnie.beggs@sqlstream.wpengine.com.

About SQLstream

SQLstream (www.sqlstream.com) is the pioneer and innovator of a patented Streaming Big Data Engine that unlocks the real-time value of high-velocity unstructured machine data. SQLstream’s s-Streaming products put “Big Data on Tap™ – enabling businesses to harness action-oriented analytics, with on-the-fly visualization and streaming operational intelligence from their log file, sensor, network and device data. SQLstream’s core data streaming technology is a massively scalable, distributed platform for analyzing unstructured Big Data streams using continuous SQL, with support for streaming SQL query execution on Hadoop and other enterprise database, data warehouse and data management platforms. SQLstream’s headquarters are in San Francisco, CA.


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