SQLstream debuts Real-time Intelligent Transportation

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 17, 2011 – SQLstream Inc. today announced the public availability of SQLstream ITS Insight, the first real-time solution for reducing congestion to exploit low cost wireless GPS data as a complement to existing fixed-road sensor investment. Transportation Agencies are already benefiting already from SQLstream ITS Insight, using it to deliver real-time Travel Time and congestion detection solutions. The official public launch for SQLstream ITS Insight is today at the ITS World Congress, Orlando.

For commuters in their cars, traffic lines are lengthening and travel times are increasingly unreliable. Congestion is growing globally and transportation agencies are already struggling with their existing congestion management systems. Traditional approaches are expensive to install and maintain, and they provide very limited information and network coverage.

“Transportation Agencies are revolutionizing their approach to transport network management”, said Damian Black, SQLstream CEO. “SQLstream is delighted to be the core of their strategy for a single, real-time Intelligent Transportation platform.”

About SQLstream ITS Insight

SQLstream’s ‘Insight’ product range offers fast start solution packs for industry markets based on SQLstream’s core Stream-to-Business platform. SQLstream ITS Insight is a real-time traffic analytics and management platform for Intelligent Transportation agencies, offering real-time Travel Time, and sophisticated congestion detection algorithms that combine real-time and historical trend data. With SQLstream ITS Insight, transportation agencies will:

  • Significantly reduce the cost of fulfilling congestion reduction targets
  • Implement travel time improvements in just weeks rather than years
  • Achieve the impossible – effective real-time insight for arterial routes

SQLstream will be presenting live demonstrations of SQLstream ITS Insight at ITS World Congress, Orlando, booth #1366.

About SQLstream Inc.

SQLstream’s Stream-to-Business platform analyzes real-time service and sensor data streams to deliver instant alerts, analytics and immediate answers to business decision makers. Using the industry standard SQL language, SQLstream executes queries on the wire, before data reaches the warehouse, enabling businesses to make smarter decisions sooner. SQLstream adds real-time operational intelligence, monitoring and control to existing systems while reducing total cost and complexity. SQLstream is headquartered in San Francisco, California and is on the web at https://sqlstream.com. For further information, please call Ronnie Beggs (877) 571-5775, or email pr@sqlstream.wpengine.com.