Guavus SQLstream Recognized in DBTA’s 2016 List of Trendsetting Products in Data Management

dbta-trend-logSQLstream, Inc., a leading provider of stream processing solutions, announced today that Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) has included Guavus SQLstream 4.0 in its annual List of Trendsetting Products in Data Management. The list is a result of research conducted by Unisphere Research Group, DBTA’s market research arm, and showcases products based on their uniqueness, influence, and importance to the Big Data management field.

A third-time DBTA nominee, Guavus SQLstream 4.0 is a stream processing suite for real-time integration, analysis and visualization of machine data. It includes a SQL-compliant stream processor, real-time visualization tools, and StreamApps for rapid implementation of industry solutions. Guavus SQLstream 4.0 was selected for its complex features and a throughput performance benchmarked at 1.3M records/s on a commodity 4-core server.

“Each and every moment, massive amounts of data from connected sensors, mobile devices, clickstreams, and transactions are creating opportunity for any business that can act on it in real time,” said Damian Black, CEO of SQLstream, Inc. “With Guavus SQLstream, people and machines can synthesize this flow of incoming data as it’s being created, to do anything from winning customers with the right offer to reducing fraud, exposing operational efficiencies and even saving lives. We help businesses take the next right action to move their vision forward.”

About Database Trends and Applications

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About SQLstream

SQLstream enables real-time analytics, streaming visualization, and immediate action on all live data. Built on open standards that support ANSI SQL and Java, the SQLstream platform includes interactive graphical tools and eliminates big data processing latency to deliver persistent results through streaming analytics, continuous ingest and ETL, and automated actions.  SQLstream is empowering customers all over the world improve their applications, operations, and business models with continuous intelligence every moment.