Guavus SQLstream now available on AWS Marketplace

San Francisco |  January 4th, 2016 – SQLstream, the leading streaming analytics platform provider, today announced that Guavus SQLstream, which includes core streaming analytics technology licensed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its Amazon Kinesis Analytics service, is now available for purchase on AWS Marketplace. The fully functional version can seamlessly integrate data on and off the AWS cloud with data from Amazon Kinesis and Amazon Kinesis Analytics, and can be found here:

Guavus SQLstream provides the most intuitive and efficient data ingestion solution on the market, enabling non-technical users to easily tap into new sources of unstructured and structured data in minutes, (whether on premises, on the AWS or on other public or private clouds including Internet of Things data), and enhance and analyze the data before piping at scale into Kinesis and data stores. The combination of Amazon Kinesis Analytics and Guavus SQLstream makes it easier than ever for businesses to securely and cost-effectively ingest, analyze, aggregate and integrate/manage streaming data on and between public cloud, private cloud, and on premises, allowing for:

    • · Pay-as-you-go pricing
    • · Analysis and processing of millions of events per second per core, with under 5 millisecond latency and flexible scaling
    • · Fast development and continuous updates: streaming applications can be built in minutes without interrupting execution
    • · 100% SQL compatible with Amazon Kinesis Analytics
    • · Continuous and real-time ingestion from sources like Kinesis, Apache Kafka, AMQP, TCP/IP, log files, IoT sources, et al., with streaming integration: system captures any type of data, structured or unstructured, in motion or at rest, from the cloud or on-premises
    • · Drag-and-drop visual development environment that automatically generates SQL code
    • · Continuous load into any number of destinations, simultaneously: Hadoop NoSQL platforms, Oracle, SQLServer, Teradata and many other RDBMS platforms
  • · Advanced analytics through features like: full support for Java functions, auto-optimized time window operators, proper event sequencing, seamless telemetry, deterministic parallel processing, probabilistic model-driven recovery for high availability, stream-stream and stream-table joins, automatic back-pressure, customizable dashboards, et al.

The Guavus SQLstream availability on Marketplace follows the news that Amazon Web Services (AWS) has licensed and implemented a subset of Guavus SQLstream’s core technology enabling ANSI standard SQL for its very own Amazon Kinesis Analytics”, said Damian Black, SQLstream CEO. “In parallel, we developed and introduced the Guavus SQLstream Adapter for Amazon Kinesis Analytics to provide streaming analytics to businesses focused on taking the next right action, continuously and real time. With this, the store-before-query analytics and conventional ETL models are increasingly becoming irrelevant.”

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SQLstream empowers people, services, and machines to take the next right action, continuously and in real time. SQLstream has designed its streaming ingestion and analytics platform to enable anyone to create real-time applications from raw data in minutes, that deliver streaming data ingestion, streaming analytics, and live actions. SQLstream offers the only solution enabling businesses to continuously respond to changing conditions, every moment. SQLstream is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit

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