SQLstream, Big Data and Streaming Integration at Structure Europe

GigaOM took their successful format for the Structure events to Europe this week for the first time and SQLstream’s CEO, Damian Black, was one of the key speakers. In a session with GigaOM’s leading Big Data writer, Derrick Harris, Damian discussed how real-time Big Data can only be achieved using continuous streaming integration, and how standard SQL is the perfect vehicle as a powerful language for the massively parallel distributed processing of live data streams.

As always, the GigaOM events were extremely well executed,and drew many of the main thought leaders and business leaders in the industry. For example, Ame Awadakkah CTO of Cloudera and Werner Vogels CTO of Amazon.

Real-time Distributed Big Data Processing

Damian’s talk was entitled ‘The Rebirth of Dataflow Computing: Real-time Distributed Big Data Processing’, and discussed how dataflow, an architecture for massively parallel distributed computing, is ideal for streaming Big Data integration and analysis. And SQLstream’s dataflow architecture harnesses the power of parallel dataflow using standard SQL as the data management language.

SQL is ideally suited to driving massively scalable applications based on a parallel, distributed processing architecture. In turn, this enables our customers to respond to each and every new record or piece of data as they arrive, in real time. So SQLstream is super low latency, unlike traditional data warehousing and Hadoop storage platforms, where data must be stored first and then queried. Even if you query faster, querying faster is not real-time.