SQLstream at PostgreSQL Conference: West 2010

PostgreSQL Conference: West 2010SQLstream’s founding engineer Sunil Mujumdar is set to present at PostgreSQL Conference: West 2010.

In a talk entitled ‘Streaming GIS using PostGIS and SQLstream’, Sunil will describe the SQLstream stream computing platform based on industry-standard SQL, and its integration with the PostgreSQL-based Geographic Information Systems (GIS) engine PostGIS.

Wireless sensors and internet services are generating data faster than conventional database technologies can process that data. In particular, mobile resource management requires the stream processing of high volume, location-based data. Solutions require new methods such as Streaming SQL to address these new sources of big data, in real-time. We’ll be discussing key concepts in stream computing, data warehouse feeds and the integration of PostGIS into a high performance streaming environment.

Using mobile resource management as a case study, we will illustrate with examples from SQLstream’s commercial traffic monitoring application.