SQLstream Announces University Partner Program

San Francisco, CA | February 20, 2013 – SQLstream, the provider of the real-time data hub for stream processing applications, today announced an extension to its partner program that helps to fulfill the growing need for real-time data processing systems in supercomputing centers and academic cyberinfrastructure facilities. The SQLstream University Partner Program (UPP) addresses educational institutions looking to expand research into streaming Big Data concepts by offering a non-commercial, royalty-free license to its market leading real-time analytics platform.

The Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing (CAC) headlines the growing list of UPP organizations using SQLstream’s streaming analytics platform to gain real-time insight into massive volumes of data. CAC is one of 17 partner institutions in the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE), a single virtual system that scientists can use to interactively share computing resources, data and expertise.

“Too many computing systems producing too many logs too quickly are unmanageable,” says Lucia Walle of Cornell University CAC. “SQLstream provided the real-time data mining system compatible with our local business logic that allows CAC to find events of importance using Sisyphus and queries, accurately simulate logs including the scale and pace of log activity, and monitor both simulated and actual system logs so that we can gain reliable insight into the cause and imminence of system failures before they actually occur.”

All UPP members have access to the full suite of SQLstream server technologies and have access to engineering support from SQLstream. Among many of the SQLstream University Partner Program benefits are:

  • Access to a non-commercial, royalty-free license to the SQLstream technology;
  • Access to a library of use cases and analytic algorithms;
  • Discounted training and kick-off assistance to research projects;
  • Discounted commercial license available for those Universities desiring to implement SQLstream in a production environment.

“One of our main goals as an organization is to accumulate business intelligence by adding research partners that can challenge and complement our existing solutions,” said Chris Clabaugh, VP of Business Development at SQLstream. “Streaming analytics and Big Data is seeing a lot of demand in the commercial and research space right now, so we are thrilled to be the streaming analytics technology supplier to university supercomputing centers.”

To learn more about UPP, please visit https://sqlstream.com/university-partner-program/.

About SQLstream

SQLstream Inc. (www.sqlstream.com) makes systems responsive to real-time operational Big Data. SQLstream enables organizations to query their log, sensor and service data directly, and to share streaming operational intelligence with external systems, continuously and in real-time. SQLstream is built on a standards-based, distributed and massively parallel architecture, and uses industry standard SQL for the rapid analysis of high volume, real-time data streams. Standards mean lower costs, proven performance and seamless integration. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, SQLstream is transforming the world of real-time, Big Data stream management.