SQLstream Announces Tighter Integration with Apache Kafka

San Francisco, CA – March 5, 2018 – SQLstream, the leading pure-play streaming SQL analytics company, is announcing the latest release of Guavus SQLstream 5.2.4, in time for the Strata Data Conference in San Jose this week.  SQLstream provides the easiest and most productive way of working with Kafka streaming data, and with this release adds native Kafka support for recovery, exactly-once semantics, and high availability for Kafka data pipelines. Guavus SQLstream also brings to Kafka users automatic data discovery, interactive data stream wrangling and real-time Machine Learning.   

A reliable messaging infrastructure is critical for stream processing and streaming analytics applications.  When something goes awry, it’s important to ensure that data is not missing or duplicated upon recovery. SQLstream has released Guavus SQLstream 5.2.4 with new Kafka adapter features for recovery, exactly once semantics, and high availability using Kafka-native methods to ensure optimal performance.

  • – Recovery ensures that, in the event of a server restart, processing is resumed exactly where it was left off with no risk of data loss. Guavus SQLstream will automatically recover to the point when the server failed and resume processing. Developers don’t have to worry about writing any logic to manage recovery.
  • – Exactly Once Semantics guarantees that every Kafka record is processed once and exactly once so that messages are never dropped or duplicated – even through filters, calculations, aggregations, and joins, regardless of their complexity. Guavus SQLstream guarantees the correctness of the output results and the integrity of data processing systems in case of restart or system failure recovery.  
  • – High Availability allows a data processing pipeline to fail over to a backup server when the primary server needs to be restarted or has otherwise failed.  Exactly Once Semantics are preserved, and Recovery is enabled.  Guavus SQLstream can now automatically migrate the workload from one server to another with very little latency, resulting in system resiliency and exceptional uptime with no manual intervention.

Kafka users should be pleased with these enhanced features which makes it trivial for Guavus SQLstream users to ensure that no data is lost from their applications.  Guavus SQLstream uses continuous SQL queries to process incoming event streams from Kafka, AWS Kinesis, and other enterprise sources to extract and act upon perishable insights in real-time.

“With so many of our customers adopting Kafka, it made sense to support these features using Kafka-native code,” says Edan Kabatchnik, SVP  of Products and Engineering at SQLstream.  “These enhancements have made recovery, exactly once semantics, and high availability for Kafka data pipelines easier than ever for customers using Kafka.”

For more information on SQLstream and Guavus SQLstream, visit sqlstream.com.

About SQLstream

Guavus SQLstream is the most advanced streaming SQL analytics solution on the market for real-time data wrangling, analytics and Machine Learning, and zero-latency action. SQLstream is the originator of the use of ANSI SQL for streaming SQL analytics. Global enterprises use Guavus SQLstream, the most productive environment for building streaming SQL applications, to keep operations running at optimal efficiency, protect systems from security threats, and support real-time customer engagement. With Guavus SQLstream, companies can go from raw data to actionable insights easily, continuously, and in real time, and compete effectively in the fast-changing business world. In 2016, AWS announced that Amazon Kinesis Analytics is based in part on technology components licensed from SQLstream. SQLstream is headquartered in San Francisco, California.  Download Guavus SQLstream for a live experience at https://sqlstream.com/downloads.

Press Contact:

David Hickman

SQLstream, Director of Product Marketing