SQLstream Announces Award-Winning Collaboration for Real-time Traffic Analytics in the Intelligent Transportation Industry

Australia’s most advanced real-time traffic information system based on SQLstream’s real-time operational intelligence platform listed as key product by Ventana Research in Technology Innovation Award. SQLstream Inc., the streaming Big Data platform for real-time operational intelligence, today announced the award-winning collaboration between Australia’s Roads and Maritime Services and SQLstream. SQLstream’s submission to the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for IT Analytics and Performance included the real-time traffic information and journey information services product developed together with the Roads and Maritime Services.

“The Ventana Research award distinguishes pioneers in the Big Data industry who have developed clear visionary and transformative technology, said Damian Black, CEO SQLstream. “Our contribution to Roads and Maritime’s vision was to deliver the real-time traffic analytics required to manage journeys and improve the traveler experience.”

Roads and Maritime is the NSW Government agency responsible for managing and regulating the use of roads and waterways across the state, including the delivery of high quality journey management services.

Roads and Maritime uses Australia’s most advanced real-time traffic information system, based on SQLstream’s real time big data operational intelligence platform, helps improve journey services for customers. Developed by the partnership between the team from Road Information Strategy & Service at Roads and Maritime and SQLstream, the system supplies important data for the Key Roads Performance Report – a snapshot as to how well the road network is operating.

SQLstream’s platform enables RMS to deliver real-time traffic flow analytics for congestion and incident detection events based on GPS data records flowing from vehicles travelling on the road network. Incident alerts and traffic intelligence information are streamed to map-based, interactive dashboards enabling incident detection teams to analyze and react quickly.

“The system will help the agency to provide motorists with the most up to date information about their journey with data provided to the system every 62 seconds,” said a Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson. ”The ability to deliver high quality, critical information to the travelling public in real time will help to improve the journey experience, reducing frustration and increasing productivity”.

About SQLstream

SQLstream, Inc. empowers businesses to perform real-time analytics and extract operational intelligence from unstructured log file, sensor and other machine-generated Big Data. The SQLstream streaming Big Data engine is a distributed, 100% SQL platform for real-time data management and operational intelligence applications. SQLstream offers a full range of integration adapters, including log files, support for Hadoop and other enterprise data management platforms. SQLstream is the recipient of leading industry awards, including the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for IT Analytics and Performance. SQLstream is based in San Francisco, CA.