Guavus SQLstream Announced by DBTA as Trend-setting Product for 2015

Guavus SQLstream, the stream processing and streaming analytics platform for machine big data, has been named by Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) as a Trend-setting Product in 2014. SQLstream Inc., provider of the real-time data hub for enterprise grade stream processing, today announced that Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) has named Guavus SQLstream as a Trend-Setting Product in data management and analysis. The list, “DBTA Trend-Setting Products in Data for 2015” is compiled by the editorial staff at DBTA to identify those companies and products that actually deliver benefits in real-world data environments and are really transforming enterprise information management.

Data is recognized increasingly as a valuable resource as it flows through an organization, but one that must be harnessed to support strategic analysis as well as real-time decisions. Guavus SQLstream’s credentials for inclusion in the report are based on proven industry solutions for processing big data in motion, extracting actionable insights and driving automated actions in real-time from data as it streams through an organization. The complete Trend-Setting report can be viewed on

“The sheer volume of products in the market coupled with an unprecedented level of market hype has made it increasingly difficult to understand which products are delivering true value to their enterprise customers,” said Ronnie Beggs, Vice President Marketing at SQLstream. “The editorial staff at DBTA provide an invaluable resource with a unique market perspective, and one in which we are delighted to be considered.”

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Guavus SQLstream with the StreamLab intelligent platform guided data stream discovery can be downloaded for free from For further information and demonstration videos of StreamLab in action, visit

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SQLstream solves real-time enterprise problems with unrivaled expertise, experience and success. Our Guavus SQLstream Stream Processor is a massively scalable, real-time data hub for operational intelligence and Internet of Things applications that is built on our award-winning stream processing platform. Enterprises using Guavus SQLstream act immediately on actionable insights extracted from their machine data in motion through real-time alerts and automated actions. Guavus SQLstream eliminates the complexity, time and cost of real-time performance, and enables enterprises to deliver a better customer experience, increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and eliminate fraud. SQLstream is the recipient of leading industry awards, including the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for IT Analytics and Performance. SQLstream is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter, or visit for a full tutorial on stream processing with SQL.

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Ronnie Beggs, VP Marketing