SQLstream and Cibertec Internacional S.A. Partnership Brings Real-time Big Data Solutions To Telecoms

Cibertec accelerates their real-time Big Data appliance with the Guavus SQLstream stream processing platform, enabling Communication Server Providers to benefit from real-time billing, call fraud detection, dynamic service quality management and network performance monitoring. SQLstream, Inc., pioneer of the real-time data hub for Enterprise stream processing, today announced that Cibertec Internacional S.A., a leading provider of real-time solutions to Communications Service Providers across the world, has selected Guavus SQLstream to power the next generation of its real-time Big Data appliance. For the first time, Service Providers are able to analyze all their network, services and calls in real time, to deliver an improved quality of experience and reduce operational costs including a significant cost saving through call fraud reduction.

Cibertec’s combined hardware and software platform architecture delivers real-time solutions for billing, revenue assurance, call fraud detection, and service and network quality. The addition of the Guavus SQLstream stream processor ensures Big Data scalability for processing Call Detail Records (CDRs) and SS7 probe data, with automated actions for improved efficiency, as well as real-time dashboards and self-service streaming analytics for operational users.

“SQLstream increases the flexibility and power of our platform architecture and adds enterprise-wide access to real-time analytics and actionable intelligence,” said Hernan Jimenez, General Manager, Cibertec Internacional. “For our customers this drives lower operational costs through improved efficiency, and greater revenues through a better overall quality of service.”

New IP networks and services, user devices, location-based apps and 4G networks are all generating real-time Big Data streams at an unprecedented scale. The potential for Big Data is widely recognized, yet extracting maximum value requires analyzing and acting on the data streams in real-time.

“We were delighted that Cibertec selected SQLstream as the real-time data hub for their next generation platform,” said Damian Black, SQLstream CEO. “Guavus SQLstream brings scalability, real-time operational dashboards, plus the ability for Cibertec’s customers to automate their operational processes.”

About Cibertec Internacional, S.A.

Founded in 1994, based in San Jose, Costa Rica, Cibertec Int. develops telephone traffic surveillance systems based on real-time telephone signaling analysis for revenue assurance and fraud control. Among its customers are the major Telcos in Southeast Asia, Baltic countries, Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and North Africa. For more information visit www.cibertec.com.

About SQLstream

The Guavus SQLstream Stream Processor is a massively scalable, real-time data hub for operational intelligence and Internet of Things applications built on s-Server, the award-winning distributed SQL stream processing platform. Enterprises using Guavus SQLstream act immediately on insights extracted from their machine data in motion, through real-time alerts and automated actions. Guavus SQLstream eliminates the complexity, time and cost of real-time performance, and enables enterprises to deliver a better customer experience, increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and eliminate fraud. SQLstream is the recipient of leading industry awards, including the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for IT Analytics and Performance. SQLstream is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit www.sqlstream.com, follow SQLstream on Twitter, or visit sqlstream.com/stream-processing for a tutorial on stream processing with SQL.