SQLstream 2.0 makes Real-Time Business Intelligence a Reality

San Francisco–January 26th, 2009: SQLstream Inc. today announced the release of SQLstream 2.0, making really urgent analytics possible for enterprises that need to slash the time and costs to receive real-time information from business intelligence systems. SQLstream reduces the time required to turn data into information by analyzing live data on the wire using the industry standard SQL language and off the shelf adapters for capturing data from databases, applications and streaming web feeds such as Twitter, RSS and Atom.

Standards based, real-time integration reduces costs and eliminates latency, avoiding the slow and expensive staging and preprocessing of data arriving in the data warehouse. “SQLstream helps companies to do more with less,” said Damian Black, CEO of SQLstream. “SQLstream 2.0 enables offloading of the data warehouse to better manage high volumes of data. Companies can experience dramatic reductions in the time and costs for querying and processing data in real-time, getting immediate answers to business critical questions, while ensuring that the data warehouse remains accurate.”

IT managers can implement business requirements faster and without taking any systems down. It is now possible to utilize real-time analytics for account management, compliance monitoring, exception reporting and fraud detection at the point of transaction by adding SQLstream to your existing infrastructure.

“SQLstream complements existing business intelligence and data warehouse systems,” said Dave Henry, Vice President of Services at Pentaho, an acknowledged business intelligence leader, “SQLstream is dedicated to the open architectures that have become a non-negotiable requirement for enterprise software.”

Built on open source and open standards, SQLstream is a next generation SQL engine based on the open source Eigenbase Project for building data management systems, to which SQLstream is a core contributor. Frowning on the proprietary solutions of many CEP and ETL vendors, SQLstream uses the industry standard SQL language for data integration with existing systems.

Business and IT executives can now leverage the wide availability of affordable SQL talent to implement real-time business solutions. “What really matters is that projects are successful, deployed on time and can be maintained with existing skills,” said Damian Black, “With SQLstream 2.0, businesses will configure solutions to their own requirements using their own in house skills as well as lower cost, readily available SQL consultants.”

SQLstream 2.0 features include:

  • User-defined analytics functions enabling developers to specify streaming data operations for inclusion into a standard SQL query.
  • Enhanced support for aggregating streaming data: moving averages, totals and pattern matching of events over different time windows.
  • Standard web feed adapters for Twitter, RSS and Atom queries.
  • Full 64 bit client and server support.

About SQLstream

SQLstream is making the real-time enterprise possible, enabling business decisions based on up to the minute information. Using the industry standard SQL language, SQLstream executes queries before data reaches the warehouse. SQLstream’s investors and advisors include Bob Frankenberg, former CEO of Novell and current Board Member at National Semiconductor, Dick Watts, former member of Hewlett-Packard’s Executive Committee and Duane Zitzner, former HP Executive. SQLstream is headquartered in San Francisco, California and is on the web at https://sqlstream.com.


For more information on SQLstream, please email pr@sqlstream.wpengine.com.


SQLstream Inc. today announced SQLstream 2.0. Uses SQL language to make real-time business intelligence and urgent analytics possible, slashing the time and costs to information.