Rubicon Project Selects SQLstream to Provide Streaming Real-Time Data Analytics & Insights

SQLstream, the leading streaming analytics platform provider, today announced that Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), which operates one of the largest advertising marketplaces in the world, has selected SQLstream Blaze to perform sophisticated continuous and real-time analytics for Rubicon Project’s automated advertising cloud service.

This announcement expands the adoption of SQLstream Blaze and follows the news that Amazon Web Services (AWS) licensed and implemented core technology from Blaze to power its Amazon Kinesis Analytics service.

SQLstream Blaze, the streaming analytics platform of SQLstream, enables users to overcome the batch-oriented processing latency and hardware intense requirements of Hadoop (an open-source software framework for distributed storage and distributed processing of very large data sets on computer clusters built from commodity hardware).  Through the partnership with SQLstream Blaze, Rubicon Project will further advance the strength of its cloud service delivering additional continuous and real-time analytics and insights from high-volume, high-velocity data processed through its global advertising marketplace.

Matthew Breedlove, VP, Technical & Data Operations at Rubicon Project, commented, “We are driven to offer the best results for sellers and buyers in the Advertising Automation Cloud. Streaming data processing means a future where the computational model of ‘big data’ doesn’t require data to hit disk before processing it. SQLstream enables us to better analyze billions of data points in real-time to provide fast analytics to internal and external clients.”

SQLstream Blaze incrementally analyzes infinite streams of high-volume, high-velocity data as it arrives, continuously and in real time, with no need to store.  Unlike other open source or commercial stream processing platforms, SQLstream was built from the ground up with declarative SQL to enable ground-breaking economies of scale (e.g., business can deploy more applications that deliver actionable, contextually aware, millisecond insights on fewer servers).

“Businesses need to ingest, analyze, and act on staggering amounts of data, continuously and in real time,” said Damian Black, CEO of SQLstream. “We are thrilled to be partnering with a leader like Rubicon Project to make it easier and more cost effective than ever for businesses to gain advantages from fast and big data.”

SQLstream Blaze will advance Rubicon Project’s efforts to create an environment capable of analyzing massive volumes of real-time data with a fraction of the hardware,allowing them to achieve a number of benefits:

  •     – Real-time insights: Perform complex analytics in real-time, accelerating their processing time from hours required by Hadoop to minutes with SQLstream Blaze streaming analytics.
  •     – Applications from idea to deployment in minutes: Port existing SQL analytics to SQLstream Blaze painlessly, and Blaze’s StreamLab also allows new applications to be developed and deployed in minutes that would otherwise take months.
  •     – Automation of accurate, contextual actions: Operationalize actions with applications that deliver triggers and alerts based on real-time, record-by-record contextual analysis of live and historical data, including time-series analytics.
  •     – Dramatic reduction of infrastructure costs: Use SQLstream Blaze to reduce the number of commodity hardware servers previously used by Hadoop.
  •     – Effective management of data storage: Analyze and identify, classify, and act on high-value data for immediate results and storage, while eliminating the need to manage and store data that cannot offer value.

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SQLstream empowers people, services, and machines to take the next right action, continuously and in real time. SQLstream has designed its streaming analytics platform to enable anyone to create real-time applications from raw data in minutes, that deliver streaming data ingestion, streaming analytics, and live actions. SQLstream offers the only solution enabling businesses to continuously respond to changing conditions, every moment. SQLstream is based in San Francisco, California. Download SQLstream Blaze for a live experience at


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