RMS Wins Journey Management Information Award with SQLstream

Roads and Maritime Services in partnership with private sector innovators SQLstream Inc, has won an internationally recognised innovation award. “In a world first, SQLstream Inc submitted the real time traffic information and journey information services developed with Roads and Maritime to the 2013 Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for Information Analytics and Performance,” a Roads and Maritime Services spokesperson said.

Note: Press release issued by Roads and Maritime Services and published previously on the Roads and Maritime Services website.

The award distinguishes pioneers in the big data industry who have developed clear visionary and transformative technology, which in the case of Roads and Maritime is helping to develop transport information to help manage road trips more effectively. Roads and Maritime uses Australia’s most advanced real time traffic information system based on SQLstream’s real time big data operational intelligence platform to help improve journey services for customers.

Roads and Maritime is the NSW Government agency responsible for managing and regulating the use of roads and waterways across the state, including the delivery of high quality journey management services. The system, which was developed by the partnership between the team from Roads and Maritime Services and SQLstream provides important data used in infrastructure planning, traffic signalling, incident detection, pinch point identification and also to measure how well the road network is operating. Incident alerts and traffic intelligence information are also streamed to map based, interactive dashboards, which enable incident detection teams to analyse and respond quickly.

“The ability to deliver high quality, critical information to the travelling public in real time helps Roads and Maritime to improve the journey experience, reducing frustration and increasing productivity,” the spokesperson said. “The system will help the agency to provide motorists with the most up to date information about their journey with new data received every 62 seconds. These regular updates allow Roads and Maritime to provide motorists with the most accurate information about their journey.”

SQLstream’s platform enables Roads and Maritime to deliver real time traffic flow analytics for congestion and incident detection events based on GPS data records flowing from vehicles travelling on the road network. Venezuela has also adopted the system developed by RMS and SQLstream.