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 Cloud | Streaming ingestion and analytics for automated ad service

Rubicon, a robust advertising technology platform and one of the biggest cloud and Big Data computing systems in the world hires Guavus SQLstream to reduce the 65,000+ CPUs and 5.0 Petabytes of storage needed to perform.



Telco | Streaming IP Network and CDR Analytics for fraud detection, real-time rating and least-cost routing

Veracity Networks needed to real-time the analysis of their CDR records and maximize the capability of their SIP access and VoIP platforms to boost operational efficiency and maintain market share. 


Boosting IoT Profits in the Cloud

SQLstream enabled Primex to reimplement their AWS Lambda functions as continuous SQL queries, significantly reducing infrastructure and processing costs and restored Primex’s weather monitoring service to profitability.

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Telco | Streaming integration for real-time 9-1-1 responses

ECaTS, a Cloud-based 9-1-1 Data Analytics and Management Information System, partnered with SQLstream to deliver ECaTS Dashboard, a streaming analytics cloud solution that informs emergency responders on what is happening on the ground as it’s happening, live. 

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Smart cities | Streaming analytics for real-time traffic control

RMS needed a real-time link between transportation sensor networks and traveler information, in order to gain instant actionable insight into performance, congestion, incidents and behavior.

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Integrations | Guavus SQLstream on Kafka™

Guavus SQLstream is the stream analytics platform that brings real-time, easy-to-use application building to Kafka™. 


Cloud | SQLstream/Amazon Kinesis Analytics

The combination of Amazon Kinesis Analytics and Guavus SQLstream makes it easier than ever to cost-effectively ingest, analyze, and manage streaming data on and between cloud and on premises.


Use Cases | Stream analytics for Oil&Gas

Oil and Natural Gas operators must process, analyze, and react in real time to massive volumes of sensor data every day in order to improve safety, compliance, and profit. For example, real-time analysis of streaming data from drilling rig sensors, intelligent wells, and digital oilfield installations enables early detection of drilling hazards and pending equipment failures, thereby reducing rig time, intervention, and shut-ins.

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DEMO | Teradata & Guavus SQLstream Unified Data Architecture

The integration with Teradata enables Guavus SQLstream to join data at rest with arriving data in motion, and to maintain the accuracy of data at rest in the database through streaming ingestion.



REPORT | The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Streaming Analytics, Q1 2016

Forrester evaluates 15 leading streaming analytics vendors and places SQLstream in the leaders’ circle.

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