Real-time Big Data at Oracle OpenWorld

We’re going to be exhibiting at Oracle OpenWorld with SQLstream next week. Looking forward to it following some great analyst briefings over the past few weeks and a lot of interest now from  companies looking for a real-time Big Data management platform where they can built there apps using standards-based streaming SQL.

In the beginning, or at least 18 months ago, there was Hadoop, and an increasing awareness that the Internet, sensors, M2M and cloud infrastructure was generating more data that existing platforms could manage.  The trend was Map-Reduce, NoSQL databases and a wide range of analytics companies claiming ‘real-time’. But querying faster is not real-time, even with the distributed power of Map-Reduce and more structured storage platforms such as HBase and Cassandra. Nor does Hadoop and related technologies address one key requirement – the real-time integration of high volume, high velocity and high variety data. Real-time, streaming integration is essential to making Big Data applications work.

Even more importantly, mainstream industry is looking to adopt real-time streaming technology, but does want to base their mission critical applications on high latency, non-standardised development frameworks.

This is where SQLstream comes in.  A real-time Big Data management platform for integrating live data, and performing real-time, in-memory analytics on the data as it streams past.  Industry and major companies have a real-time need, but prefer the use of standards such as SQL. The ability to lift existing SQL from their high performance analytics databases and data warehouses and drop the queries into a real-time streaming platform is a key.

So if you’re going, come and see us, we’re at #106 Moscone South.