Primex Boosts IoT Profits in the Cloud with Streaming Analytics

San Francisco, CA – January 16, 2018 –  SQLstream, the leading provider of SQL-based streaming analytics, has announced significant performance and AWS cost-saving benefits of greater than 60% at Primex, the latest production deployment of Guavus SQLstream.  Primex, a global market leader in synchronized time, environmental monitoring, and facility compliance, will use Guavus SQLstream to process IoT sensor data from their consumer-based, internet-connected weather stations via their best-in-class mobile and web-based apps.

Primex’s deployment of Guavus SQLstream into their AWS cloud environment replaces their previous AWS Lambda-based data processing solution using continuous SQL queries on real-time streams of sensor updates from over 154,000 internet-connected weather stations deployed worldwide.  

SQLstream has had a significant impact on our business.  We’ve cut costs drastically.  Stability has increased significantly.  And to be honest, I sleep better at night too. says Kevin Runde, Chief Architect at Primex.  I was incredibly surprised by the performance of SQLstream. We had 600 shards of kinesis running, and that means 600 Lambda functions were running. That all gets processed by one SQLstream server now. Huge cost savings.

As a result, Primex has significantly reduced their infrastructure and processing costs and restored their weather monitoring service to profitability via:

    • – Reducing AWS Kinesis infrastructure from 600+ shards to just 34 and eliminating AWS Lambda from the processing pipeline
    • – Reducing associated AWS costs by more than 60%
  • – Savings estimated at $116K/yr, including the cost of SQLstream technology

We believe that Guavus SQLstream provides the highest-volume and lowest-latency throughput on the market today – which directly translates into customer savings by lowering processing costs through greater efficiency, says Damian Black, CEO at SQLstream.  We’ve been building streaming SQL solutions for almost 10 years now, and the market is finally realizing the power of using SQL to process real-time streams with great speed, low latency and with incredible ease of use.

For more information on how Primex is using Guavus SQLstream to streamline their sensor data processing, read the new case study – Primex – Boosting IoT Profits in the Cloud.

About SQLstream

SQLstream delivers the only true standards-based SQL stream processing platform for real-time data wrangling, analytics, and action. Global enterprises use Guavus SQLstream to build streaming applications in minutes to keep operations running at optimal efficiency, protect systems from security threats, and support real-time customer engagement. With Guavus SQLstream, companies can go from raw data to actionable insights easily, continuously, and in real time, and compete effectively in the fast-changing business world. In 2016, AWS announced that Amazon Kinesis Analytics is based in part on technology components licensed from SQLstream. SQLstream is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

SQLstream is based in San Francisco, California. Download Guavus SQLstream for a live experience at http://www.sqlstream/downloads.

About Primex:

Primex is a global market leader of synchronized time, environmental monitoring, and facility compliance technologies for Healthcare, Education, Manufacturing, and other industries.  In particular, Primex’s AcuRite division makes several models of Internet-connected weather stations with best-in-class mobile and web-based apps.  The AcuRite weather stations are available with tons of sensors including rainfall, wind speed, and direction, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, and recently introduced lightning sensors.