What are StreamAPPS?

StreamApps deliver pre-configured, easy-to-install streaming applications for specific industries, use cases, data sources and equipment—a fast start with out-of-the-box data collection agents, plus a library of analytics, rules, streaming aggregation operations, filtering and parsing operations, and real-time visualization dashboards.

Smart City StreamApp

Rapid deployment of Smart City services | GPS and sensor data collection | Traffic flow analytics

Congestion prediction and real-time visualizations based on Google Maps

The Smart City StreamApp enables transportation agencies, city government and private enterprises to build real-time smart services. GPS and fixed sensor data feeds, social media, enterprise data warehouses and environmental data can be integrated on a single platform, offering real-time applications for road network monitoring, public transportation networks, smart energy, street lighting and other smart city infrastructure.

Telecom StreamApp

Rapid deployment of Smart services | automated infrastructure | real-time QoS/QoE updates

The Telecoms StreamApp is designed for the rapid deployment of real-time applications in a telecommunications service provider. Built on SQLstream Blaze, the Telecoms StreamApp provides real-time collection and analysis of CDR, network, service and device data enabling cable, fixed and mobile service providers to build real-time smart services for call rating, least cost routing, call fraud prevention, customer experience management and network performance management.