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The Amazon Kinesis Analytics integration enables businesses to securely and cost-effectively ingest, analyze, and manage streaming data on and between cloud and on-premises environments. 

Reading from Kinesis can be done seamlessly within the AWS system through the Kinesis Agent, or from outside AWS, through the Internet. 

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Why Guavus SQLstream for Kinesis Analytics


easy ingest

No hand-coding pipelines and flow; streaming ingestion allows all data to be moved continuously and in real time into and out of AWS through our high-performance bi-directional Kinesis Adapter.

ingestion and load


lower cost

Query-before-store reduces data flowing to the cloud and on-premise storage requirements, and the use of SQL allows for a maximum utilization of skills. 

why SQL


real-time action

Live data streams are integrated and analyzed with historical data, record by record, and turned into actionable information within milliseconds.

automated actions

easy development

SQLstream Blaze offers an intuitive, interactive GUI based on open SQL and Java standards.