Guavus SQLstream: Blazingly Fast, Easy-to-Use & Analyst-Ready.

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the architecture




Intuitive real-time data wrangling

StreamLab is a visual platform for interactively exploring machine data streams and building real-time streaming apps without having to write any code.  An intelligent suggestions engine supports users in building complete apps from ingestion to analysis and into action, by simply accepting suggestions made by StreamLab.

All of the execution takes place on s-Server, at massive scale, and deployment is immediate. With StreamLab, business analysts or Java, SQL, Python, or Scala developers can efficiently move from concept to real working application in minutes



Industry’s fastest streaming SQL engine: ANSI SQL+Java


Amazon Kinesis Analytics is based in part on certain technology components licensed from Guavus s-Server. s-Server is the only stream processor to use ANSI standards-compliant SQL for querying live data streams. Processing data at over 1M events/second per CPU core on benchmarks and at over 1M events/second per server on real-world applications, s-Server is the most powerful and scalable data processing platform available.

s-Server includes a suite of agents and adapters for machine data mediation and enterprise system/storage platform integration



HTML5 platform for building push-based, real-time dashboards


s-Dashboard is an HTML5 platform for building push-based, real-time visualizations on s-Server. s-Dashboard enables developers to deploy real-time dashboards for streaming analytics on any device or channel, and is pre-configured with a standard set of panels, widgets, and dashboards.



Eclipse-based IDE (SQL and Java)

s-Studio is a stream inspection, application development, and administration console for the s-Server platform. s-Studio enables dynamic updates to live applications, adding new queries as needed or changing existing queries or views. s-Studio is built as a plug-in to the standards-compliant Eclipse framework.


Sources, Sinks, Connectors

Guavus SQLstream works with a broad array of already-implemented technologies to increase performance and provide continuous real-time support.

  • Sources- Ingest streaming data from enterprise message buses, files, http, sockets and more
  • Sinks- Publish resulting analytics into new streams, data lakes or other applications and repositories
  • External Connections- Import historical data tables and machine learning models for enrichment and analytics


Process Kafka Streams

Guavus SQLstream is the ideal platform for processing streaming data on Apache Kafka. Use the visual StreamLab editor to sample live Kafka data and get direct feedback continuously throughout the application building process. Artificial intelligence guides you with automatic suggestions and dynamically generates streaming SQL code for optimal performance without coding errors. Build and deploy in days!

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Analyze AWS Kinesis Streams

Deploy streaming analytics on-premise or in the cloud

Guavus SQLstream Adapter for Kinesis enables businesses to securely and cost-effectively ingest, analyze, and manage streaming data on and between cloud and on-premises environments

  • Run anywhere – on-premise, cloud & edge
  • Full support for Java functions
  • Enrich Kinesis with stream joins
  • Analyst Ready
  • Process locally before transmitting
  • Integrate machine learning
  • High performance



Our StreamApps deliver pre-configured solution accelerators for specific industries, use cases, data sources and equipment—a fast start with out-of-the-box data collection agents, plus a library of analytics, rules, streaming aggregation operations, filtering and parsing operations, and real-time visualization dashboards.

  • Telecom- Designed for the rapid deployment of real-time applications in a telecommunications provider.
  • Smart City- Enables transportation agencies, city government and private enterprises to build real-time smart services
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Flexible Deployments

Guavus SQLstream is available on a wide variety of platforms, from cloud to on-premises to the edge, giving you the flexibility to deploy wherever makes the most sense for your business.

SQLstream is available on:

  • Amazon Marketplace & AWS EC2
  • Microsoft Azure Marketplace
  • Linux
  • Docker
  • VM Appliance (VMware, VirtualBox, Hyper-V, Parallels)
  • Lightweight agents for IoT

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