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SQLstream | Streaming SQL Analytics for Kafka & Kinesis

Meet SQLstream!  Our technology — used by Verizon, Walmart, Cisco, & Amazon — powers applications across data centers, in the cloud, & at the edge.  SQLstream combines data from multiple sources in disparate formats.  With throughput that eclipses all competitors, this award-winning software can reduce your footprint: less hardware, bandwidth, energy, & cost.

Sub-millisecond latency enables real-time insight & instantaneous action.  Analyze wdata while it is in motion, without the burden & delay of storage.  Create pipelines in minutes not months, without writing code, using StreamLab, our interactive graphical interface.  Deploy with the flexibility of Kubernetes.  Find out what SQLstream can do for you!


“Over 35% of Fortune 500 are putting Kafka into production but 75% lack skills to build Kafka apps.”



Accelerate productivity with Discovery, Continuous Data Wrangling, AI-powered suggestions that output optimized SQL for you.


Reuse SQL skills to explore streams and auto-generate or hand code directly in SQL and Java with the leader in SQL standards support.

Process Kafka and Kinesis streams at up to 1.8M messages/sec/core with sub-millisecond latency for real-time insight and action.

Analyze & trigger actions with continuous SQL queries

Connect to your streaming data sources and Guavus SQLstream introspects and discovers data format. Prep, join and enrich streams with external data sources, then analyze using SQL operators and machine learning. Results can trigger actions, populate dashboards and feed into systems of record.

Real-time, continuous Machine learning

Build predictive analytics using machine learning models to score new data against historical patterns and trends. Reduce risks, improve operations and/or increase revenue.

Prep Data
Clean, filter and enrich data to prepare streams for real-time scoring.

AI-based scoring

Score events using hosted machine learning models using continuous queries.

Classify & Act
Advanced analytics are used to classify events based on their scores to facilitate action.


Guavus SQLstream

Community Edition

Guavus SQLstream is available in a no-cost Community Edition with full functionality for processing up to 1GB of messages each day. Upgrade to Enterprise Edition when message volumes exceed Community limits.



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