From the show floor: ITS World Congress Day 2

A defining feature of the show is the Technology Showcase featuring demonstrations from some of the technologies and applications that are bringing the future of transportation to life. Each ‘village’ covers a specific theme such as Safety, Mobility, Environment/Sustainability and Pricing.  Environment/Sustainability focuses on the potential for reducing emissions.  Interesting demonstration offered by Imperial College, London, that will use a pollution sensor mounted on the roof of a demonstration vehicle travelling around the site.  Data is transferred over a GSM connection and viewed over the internet. Another is Ricardo Engineering’s demonstration of improving fuel efficiency using GPS navigation and traffic signal phase and timing data.

On the theme from yesterday of using simulators to demonstrate the benefits of technology, Toyota’s Star safety system is a star of the show – attendees get a spin in a off-road driving simulator, once with all electronic aids turned off, and once with traction control, stability control, brake assist and anti-lock braking turned on.

And for SQLstream’s day, another busy day with many questions and demonstrations of real-time traffic analytics and congestion detection with SQLstream ITS Insight.  Our core Stream-to-Business platform, and the ability to integrate and extend SQLstream ITS Insight easy and quickly, is generating significant interest.