Inside Analysis Builds Operational Intelligence Directory, Includes SQLstream

Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 10.24.38 AMPossibly the simplest way to think about Operation Intelligence (OI) is that it is Business Intelligence put into action. In reality it is distinctly different to what we usually understand as Business Intelligence in respect of the underlying technologies that are deployed and the overall architecture of data and process flows, but it can be viewed in that manner from a business perspective.

The Bloor Group researched all the vendors who use the term Operational Intelligence and sorted through them to create an OI Market Directory list, as well as other component technologies they have discovered in their research.

See the list HERE, or read more about how SQLstream, Vitria, Splunk and other similar technologies could do wonders in fixing some of the most current data-driven issues in the news (like the Obamacare page, for example).