Industry Analyst Firm Names SQLstream a Strong Performer in Streaming Analytics Report

SAN FRANCISCO–SQLstream, the leading stream analytics and data wrangling technology provider, today announced that Forrester Research Inc., has ranked the company as a Strong Performer among Streaming Analytics platforms in The Forrester Wave™: Streaming Analytics, Q3 2017.

Forrester evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of 13 streaming analytics vendors. The evaluation included 25 criteria grouped into three high-level buckets: current offering, strategy, and market presence.

In this evaluation, SQLstream achieved maximum scores in a total of 9 criteria:

    • Developer productivity: “SQLstream’s platform is accessible to the broadest possible developer audience because it centers on using standard SQL to express streaming analytics applications”; the report also states that “Guavus SQLstream includes a rich set of tooling to develop, test, and deploy applications.”
    • DynamismEvent sequencingTransformation operators, Correlation operators, Temporal event pattern matching
    • Data connectors
    • Acquisition and pricing
  • Partners

According to the report, “The company implements those continuous queries in an engine that performs highly […] and takes advantage of every possible low-level optimization such as double-buffering and lock-free execution.”

Forrester defines streaming analytics as “Software that provides analytical operators to orchestrate data flow, calculate analytics, and detect patterns on event data from multiple, disparate live data sources to allow developers to build applications that sense, think, and act in real time.”

“SQLstream is making streaming analytics easy to use” said Damian Black, CEO of SQLstream. “Our vision to build a fully SQL-compliant streaming solution provides our clients with a unique blend: the richest set of functions and operators available today, one of the highest analytic performances with sub-millisecond latency, and an intuitive, highly-productive graphical development environment for developers and analysts alike.”

The full report is available for Forrester subscribers or for purchase at

About SQLstream

SQLstream delivers the only true standards-based SQL stream processing platform for real-time data wrangling, analytics, and action. Global enterprises use Guavus SQLstream to build streaming applications in minutes to keep operations running at optimal efficiency, protect systems from security threats, and support real-time customer engagement. With Guavus SQLstream, companies can go from raw data to actionable insights easily, continuously, and in real time, and compete effectively in the fast-changing business world. In 2016, AWS announced that Amazon Kinesis Analytics is based in part on technology components licensed from SQLstream. SQLstream is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

SQLstream is based in San Francisco, California. Download Guavus SQLstream for a live experience at http://www.sqlstream/downloads.


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