Industry Analyst Firm Names SQLstream as a Leader in Big Data Streaming Analytics Report

Forrester evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the 15 top commercial and open source streaming analytics vendors.  The evaluation included 26 evaluation criteria grouped into three high-level buckets including current offering, strategy and market presence.

According to the report, Guavus SQLstream ”…delivers a solid platform for companies to build real-time applications, especially for customers that have a lot of machine data.” The report also stated that “StreamLab gives app developers a robust, easy-to-use interface for ingesting, analyzing, and acting on streaming data.”

Forrester defines streaming analytics as “software that can filter, aggregate, enrich, and analyze a high throughput of data from multiple, disparate live data sources and in any data format to identify simple and complex patterns to provide applications with context to detect opportune situations, automate immediate actions, and dynamically adapt.”

“SQLstream is bringing real-time context to traditional big data technologies and applications with software that enables anyone to get immediate value from all live data,” said Damian Black, CEO of SQLstream. “Our customers are benefiting from making sense of and acting on what’s happening in their business now – collecting, saving, and contemplating data from the connected world is not enough. The immediacy of insight, and the ability to act on that insight, will separate the winners from the losers.”

The full report is available for Forrester subscribers or for purchase at

About SQLstream

SQLstream empowers businesses to capitalize on live data in real time.  SQLstream has designed its streaming analytics platform to enable business analysts and developers to create streaming apps from raw data in minutes, that deliver continuous ingest, integration and ETL, streaming analytics and visualization, and automated actions.  SQLstream offers the only solution enabling people and machines to continuously adapt to changing conditions, every moment.

SQLstream is based in San Francisco, California. Download Guavus SQLstream for a live experience at http://www.sqlstream/downloads.