Official Video of the TfNSW Hackathon for Real-time Traffic Apps

Roads users in NSW, Australia are now one step closer to having even better information on their journey at their fingertips.  The winners of NSW Codeworks Hackathon have now been announced and the official video of the event posted. The Hackathon was organized by Transport for New South Wales (TfNSW) and Deloitte with the objective to delivering innovative apps for improving traffic congestion around specific hotspot areas in the Sydney and NSW road network. Powered by SQLstream, the teams were selected for the event, had access to real-time aggregated traffic information based on the SQLstream TT5 platform already in operation with the Australia government.

Powered by SQLstream: NSW Codeworks Hackathon for real-time Traffic Apps

Eight winning teams were selected from the 27 teams selected for the event. You can read more here, but for now, here’s the list of the teams names and the ideas:

  • Toastedmint – Provides transport options to determine the quickest and easiest routes for road users.
  • SkedGo – Provides real-time road information to the public in the context of their trip with calendar integration.
  • Hot Chocolate – A feature rich application that allows users to enjoy an end-to-end road journey with calendar integration.
  • Compiling – Compare multiple transport options to determine the fastest and easiest way.
  • Appjourney – Select the optimal route to avoid congestion and incidents.
  • Transnotion – Provides an effective way for parents to car pool.
  • Somecat Studio – Helps users find a better departure time or mode of transport for reduced travel time.
  • OzPoint – Provides delivery drivers with a trip planning solution.

Our congratulations to all involved. A great event which will make a real-time impact on the NSW traveler experience.