From the show floor: ITS World Congress Day 1

The ITS World Congress claims to be the largest transportation event in 2011. Certainly the range of attendees and exhibitors is impressive, from software products to the latest in roadside hardware infrastructure. Some interesting themes emerging. Vehicle to vehicle communication is generating a lot of interest, and electronic driver aids. Some great simulators as well to amuse the attendees.

‘Real-time’ is also a common theme across the exhibition hall. And in particular the use of new technologies such as Bluetooth and GPS. Damian Black, SQLstream’s CEO, was speaking in a session today on how to achieve accurate arterial travel time. This is a hot topic right now, where existing in-road sensors are too expensive and the solutions too inaccurate. Bluetooth and GPS are the two emerging, although not necessarily competing, technologies – both can be used simulataneously to reinforce the other.

SQLstream in action – Day 1

It was great to have so much interest at the booth for our real-time intelligent transportation solutions. We announced the public launch of our SQLstream ITS Insight solution this morning. Perhaps we’re one of the few new companies at the show, but the ability to build real-time traffic analytics solutions based on maximizing the use of all available sensor data is generating a lot of interest.