Enterprise Data Storage and IoT—Time for a Reality Check

A common practice among the purveyors of enterprise IT storage is to begin a product pitch with the following admonition: “Stored data volumes are growing at explosive rates!” (Therefore, Mr. Customer, you need our product to manage this explosive growth, or else). The latest buzz word driving the explosive growth of stored data is the Internet of Things (IoT), and this infographic, make it easy to imagine the Zetabytes of data and the billions of dollars’ worth of storage enterprises will need to buy to warehouse all this stuff. Or not? Distinguished analyst John Webster gives IT planners a quick reality check, making the point that all need not be stored.

In this matter-of-factly article for Forbes, he dismantles the myth of IoT as an insurmountable data problem and identifies real-time technologies like SQLstream as solutions to the high-volume, high-velocity, streaming conundrum.

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