Fontinalis Partners announces investment in SQLstream Inc.

San Francisco, CA / Detroit, MI USA, May 18, 2011 – Fontinalis Partners, LLC, a Michigan-based strategic investment firm, today announced that it has invested in SQLstream Inc., the first standards-based stream computing platform to enable companies to exploit and monetize their real-time service and sensor data. The financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. SQLstream is headquartered in San Francisco and launched its first product to market in 2009.

SQLstream enables businesses to drive new revenue opportunities by harnessing the full power of their real-time service and sensor data, and to analyze and respond to streaming data on the fly without first storing. This eliminates any delay from when the data arrive to when new answers stream out, allowing services to react and adapt immediately, based on continuous, complex analysis. SQLstream is at the forefront of this real-time stream computing market, using a standards-based architecture for the rapid analysis of high volume, real-time data, and delivers truly innovative, lower cost solutions.

Fontinalis Partners recognized SQLstream’s potential following the Company’s success in assisting various transportation agencies around the world. With 800 million vehicles on the world’s roads today, a number forecast to grow to 4 billion by 2050, multi-modal transportation management systems will need to analyze real-time sensor and GPS data dynamically on a massive scale to reduce congestion and optimize personal mobility. SQLstream’s technology makes this possible today. Both Fontinalis and SQLstream believe that SQLstream is uniquely positioned to drive the use of real time data, the explosion of which will spur opportunity and innovation across countless industries.

Led by Chief Executive Officer Damian Black, SQLstream’s executive leadership team represents one of the most experienced in the successful application of real-time computing technology.

William Clay Ford, Jr. (“Bill Ford”), a Founding Partner of Fontinalis Partners and Executive Chairman of Ford Motor Company, commented “We’re excited to announce our partnership with the SQLstream team. Real-time systems that react immediately to changing traffic conditions are essential to finding sustainable solutions to the world’s most pressing congestion and environmental problems. SQLstream’s pioneering real-time technology will be instrumental in improving personal mobility across the globe.”

Fontinalis Partners is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company.

“Fontinalis shares our vision for the future of real-time stream computing” said Damian Black, SQLstream CEO. “Inexpensive wireless sensors are transforming many industries, including transportation, energy and manufacturing by generating huge volumes of data that can be analyzed and turned into useful information in real-time. Delivering real-time answers from massive volumes of data with minimal delay requires the type of cloud-scale applications offered by SQLstream that can be deployed easily, without the inefficiency, complexity and high latency of batch-based approaches.”

About SQLstream Inc.

SQLstream analyzes real-time data streams to deliver instant alerts, analytics and immediate answers to business decision makers. Using the industry standard SQL language, SQLstream executes queries on the wire, before data reaches the warehouse, enabling businesses to make smarter decisions sooner, adding real-time, operational intelligence to existing systems while reducing total cost and complexity. SQLstream is headquartered in San Francisco, California and is on the web For further information, please call Ronnie Beggs (877) 571-5775, or email

About Fontinalis Partners

Fontinalis Partners, with offices in Detroit and Boston, is a leading transportation technology strategic investment firm founded by Bill Ford, Ralph Booth, Mark Schulz, Chris Cheever and Chris Thomas. Fontinalis’ mission is to leverage the firm’s considerable management experience, market access, strategic relationships, international expertise, and background in transportation innovation to scale companies providing the transportation technology solutions of tomorrow. Fontinalis Partners, LLC, invests as a strategic partner across all facets of the world’s transportation infrastructure on a stage, structure and size agnostic basis. Fontinalis Partners is not affiliated with Ford Motor Company. For further information about Fontinalis Partners, please visit or call (313) 432-0321.