ECaTS and SQLstream Deliver Cloud Platform for Real-Time 911 Call Analytics

Call dispatchers in 911 call centers are making critical decisions but often without the real-time, up to the second insight that they need. ECaTS, a division of Direct Technology, and the leading provider of real-time analytics dashboards to the Public Safety industry, is partnering with SQLstream, the data stream processing platform for machine big data, for precisely this reason. The partnership delivers real-time actionable insights from streaming 911 call data, providing operations managers with the information they need to make the best possible decisions.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – SEPTEMBER 29, 2015 – SQLstream Inc., provider of the leading platform for data stream processing, today announced that ECaTS has selected Guavus SQLstream as the real-time streaming analytics engine for its 911 Emergency Call Tracking System. With Guavus SQLstream, ECaTS delivers real-time analytics with second by second updates for 911 calls and network performance, enabling emergency call center managers to prioritize operations and resolve workload issues based on timely, actionable intelligence.

ECaTS is a cloud-based SaaS analytics platform for Public Safety analytics, providing Public Safety officials with actionable insights into call processing, call delivery/network performance (ESINet), and overall wireless system health and availability. Guavus SQLstream processes in real-time the 911 call data collected by ECaTS sensors, delivering streaming analytics to any number of ECaTS presentation dashboards. A single system scales to handle millions of calls per day, offering state, county and even country-wide operations on a single platform.

“SQLstream gives us the real-time performance required to deliver call analytics at big data scale across any number of PSAPs, counties and states,” said Chris Duxler, ECaTS Operations Director. “For our customers this means real-time actionable insights into 911 calls and call processing for improved scheduling and incident management.”

ECaTS with Guavus SQLstream enables smarter responses to 911 calls with improved decision-making for efficient allocation, prioritization and scheduling of resources. Managers and support staff in the operations centers are now able to:

  • Assess incident severity in real-time based on call type and volume by geographical area.
  • Address workload issues immediately and prevent escalations by utilizing real-time call status metrics from live dashboards that are updated every second.
  • Identify network performance and service-impacting issues in real-time and assess the impact on 9-1-1 call handling.

“We believed from the outset that a real-time platform capable of supporting mission-critical, operational systems was essential and that standards such as SQL were key to that vision,” said Damian Black, CEO of SQLstream. “The fact that ECaTS with Guavus SQLstream can be deployed in a matter of hours and now plays a central role in 9-1-1 operations is exciting and offers important validation of our software.”

About Direct Technology and ECaTS

ECaTS from Direct Technology is Software as a Service that confronts the challenges of Big Data within the Public Safety industry, processing hundreds of thousands of calls per day and delivering real-time actionable insights for individual Public Safety Access Points (PSAPs) on local, organizational and statewide levels. The implementation of standards and measurable goals across multiple jurisdictions with a focus on full accountability has quickly become a critical industry need. As counties and states plan and make technological transitions such as PSAP consolidation through hosted environments and Next Generation network deployments, ECaTS is ready with real-time Big Data solutions to emerging challenges. ECaTS makes management of Public Safety services simpler. Learn more at or follow us on Twitter (@ecats911).

About SQLstream

SQLstream Inc. is the provider of the leading big data software platform for data stream processing. Built on an ANSI SQL-compliant stream processing engine, the Guavus SQLstream software suite enables enterprises to act immediately on actionable insights from their data in motion through real-time analytics, continuous integration and automated actions. Guavus SQLstream eliminates the complexity, time, and cost of real-time performance, and enables enterprises to deliver a better customer experience, increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, and eliminate fraud. SQLstream is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit, follow us on Twitter (@sqlstream), or visit for a full tutorial on stream processing with SQL.