DOWNLOAD Guavus SQLstream for Hyper-V

System Requirements

The Guavus SQLstream VM can be deployed on any host OS supported by Virtual Box, Parallels, VMWare, and Hyper-V, including Linux, OS X, and Windows 7-10. All Guavus SQLstream VMs are 64-bit and require a 64-bit host OS and a virtualization facility that supports a 64-bit guest OS.

Installed products

  • s-Server data stream management platform.
    • See the full product documentation for installation, getting started, integration and building streaming SQL apps on s-Server.
    • The s-Server package includes s-Studio, the Eclipse-based IDE and s-Server administration platform.
    • The s-Server package includes the machine data collection agents and enterprise integration adapters.
  • StreamLab for intelligent guided data stream discovery, analysis and real-time dashboards without coding.
  • s-Dashboard for building real-time, push-based dashboard on any device (HTML5).