DBTA Salutes SQLstream as a Top Big Data Player in 2015

SQLstream honored in Database Trends and Applications Magazine’s Top 100 “Companies That Matter Most in Data” for third year running. SQLstream Inc., provider of the leading data stream processing platform for real-time Operational Intelligence with data-driven automation, today announced its inclusion in the DBTA Top 100 for 2015: Companies That Matter Most in Data, published by Database Trends and Applications magazine. The result of in-depth research into the data management landscape and compiled by the publication’s editorial staff, the DBTA 100 recognizes industry leaders helping organizations derive tangible value and insight from big data.

SQLstream was selected for its role at the heart of the real-time enterprise, providing an Enterprise class data stream management platform with both graphical tools and SQL for application development. Enterprises are using Guavus SQLstream to collect and analyze their machine data in real-time, and to integrate streaming analytics with existing enterprise platforms such as Hadoop and data warehouses.

“We’re delighted that DBTA has recognized SQLstream and data stream processing as an integral component of a modern enterprise architecture, and values SQLstream’s continued ability to deliver successful real-time applications that return immediate value for our customers,” said Damian Black, CEO SQLstream.

DBTA understands that today’s information technology ecosystem includes a wider variety of offerings and technology than ever before. Data stream processing, Hadoop and NoSQL are increasingly important as organizations grapple with extracting real-time value from their machine data. However, relational databases remain a powerful force in the Enterprise, with Big Data technologies now racing to adopt SQL as their data management and analytics language of choice. The full DBTA Top 100 report is available at www.dbta.com.

About Guavus SQLstream

Further information on Guavus SQLstream, the award winning SQL-compliant platform for data stream processing, real-time analytics and data-driven automation, can be found at www.sqlstream.com.

About SQLstream

SQLstream solves real-time enterprise problems with unrivaled expertise, experience and success. Guavus SQLstream is a massively scalable, real-time data hub for operational intelligence and Internet of Things applications that is built on our award-winning distributed SQL data stream processing platform. Enterprises using Guavus SQLstream act immediately on actionable insights extracted from their machine data in motion through real-time alerts and automated actions. Guavus SQLstream eliminates the complexity, time and cost of real-time performance, and enables enterprises to deliver a better customer experience, increase revenue, improve operational efficiency and eliminate fraud. SQLstream is the recipient of leading industry awards, including the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for IT Analytics and Performance. SQLstream is based in San Francisco, California. For more information, visit www.sqlstream.com, follow us on Twitter, or visit sqlstream.com/stream-processing for a full tutorial on data stream processing with SQL.