Database Trends and Applications Magazine Salutes SQLstream as a Top Trend-Setting Product in Data in 2014



SQLstream was named as one of the top trend-setting technologies for data management for 2014 by the Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) magazine.

Two of the most pressing concerns that organizations face today are the need to provide analytic access to newer data types such as machine generated data, documents and graphics, and the need to control the cost of information management for their growing data stores, according to the “Achieving Enterprise Data Performance—2013 Database Growth Survey” (source: DBTA). The study, sponsored by Oracle, found that for 31% of the 322 data managers and professionals in the respondent pool, the greatest challenge for the 12 months ahead was the ability to analyze “more and different kinds of data.” Another 30% said it was the ability to decrease information infrastructure costs.

While many organizations believe that their existing technology is capable of allowing them to benefit from Big Data, current solutions in place also may be in need of an overhaul. The “2013 Big Data Opportunities Survey” found that more than a third of the 304 respondents, 36%, need faster querying of data while another 43% want to get faster access to larger datasets.

To help organizations manage and extract insight from today’s data-propelled environments, new products- of which SQLstream’s suite is an example- are coming to the fore. Capabilities are being added to leading relational and MultiValue data management systems. In addition, cutting-edge technologies and techniques are emerging in the form of NoSQL and NewSQL data management systems, SaaS and cloud solutions, real-time BI, data visualization, and more.

This December, DBTA published its list of Trend-Setting Products for 2014 and included SQLstream as a tool to address rapidly changing market requirements and resolve part of the Big Data monetization problems we’re facing today.

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