Automated actions

Insight is translated into immediate alerts or device activation through autonomous processes free of human intervention or error.

  • User and consumer push-based notifications, updates and alerts
  • Automated shutdowns, wraparounds and selective process re-routing
  • Automated equipment and network diagnostic, self-maintenance and repairs

real-time visualizations

Intelligent, interactive dashboards—connect, explore and view analytics functions and results while data is streaming

  • Wizards provide instant connection to a wide variety of data sources
  • Interactive stream browser selects, splits, casts and transforms fields with updates applied immediately and stream structures changing in real-time
  • AI-powered suggestions tool implements parsers and formatting rules automatically, and offers recommendations for data structuring based on ongoing analysis
  • Real-time dashboards provide push-based, continuous visualization of real-time analytics and alerts and can be redesigned with a click while data is in motion. They include line graphs, bar charts, maps and text reports and can be personalized through color-coding, labeling, and custom wireframes.

If you’re in need to automate actions that are not listed above, contact us anyway and let’s explore solutions together.