Actionable Data Insider | Strata edition

We’re back from Strata in San Jose, and it’s clear that he evolution of streaming technologies is beginning to catch up with the ever-growing development of application ecosystems. The result is indubitable: we’re moving away from store-then-query and into query-then-store—and with fascinating results.


webinar.jpgKafka- the word on streaming

Key takeaway: Fast and Big Data technologies are becoming co-responsible for extracting the value in data

As an ever-expanding ecosystem, there is no central point other than the fact that data is valuable for the insight it contains; and in the wake of so many data management tools and integration models, some constants are bound to drive success:

  • – Maintaining optimal performance through scaling up for increasing data flows
  • – Using the right technologies for the right jobs
  • – Going from Kafka to deployed applications in minutes- if possible, with no coding involved.


Smarts are in&around the cloud

Key takeaway: Streaming Analytics is taking to air

Streaming applications at the edge, in the cloud, and everywhere in between are rising as demanded by the evolving needs of the supporting infrastructures. As data volumes go up, so do storage costs and process latency. Real-time analytics can’t afford it:

  • – Exporting part of the load to a public or private cloud is needed for continuous, real-time, actionable insight
  • – The right deployment formula has to be safe, seamless, and scalable


craig holley.jpgSpotlight-Strata Giveaway Winner  

We have a winner: Craig Holley takes home a drone

Many visited us at Strata this year, and booth #1336 was overtaken at times by overlapping discussions on streaming ingestion and analytics, SQL, hybrid architectures, building streaming applications on Kafka, and so on. All our guests entered our raffle, and the lucky winner of a DJI Phantom camera drone is Craig Holley from PNC Bank! 

We learned that PNC Bank has a very advanced Enterprise Technology group that is already involved in developing and deploying a great number of Big Data projects- congratulations, and to many more!