SQLstream Blaze: Real Time Data Capture and Ingestion Acquire

SQLstream Blaze can take in data the moment it's created, continuously and in real time. More than moving data from source to destination, Blaze ingests multiple streams of Fast + Big Data concurrently, continuously, and at rates of millions of records per second per CPU core, incrementally preparing it for streaming analysis and instant action.

Streaming ingestion

SQLstream Blaze simplifies and accelerates data ingest for all formats. There is no need to hand-code data pipelines or re-create low-level code.  The batch-oriented limitations of Big Data processing and traditional ETL are removed. All data formats including log files, web logs, sensor or IoT data, machine data, and CDC from databases, may be ingested, filtered, parsed, and simultaneously enriched with structured, stored data, from any or many sources for analysis.

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  • Real-time, continuous load
    • Instant mediation from any raw source/format to any output format
    • Symmetrical writing to a wide array of destinations: Hadoop, NoSQL platforms, databases, Oracle, SQLServer, and  RDBMS platforms such as Teradata, files, devices, etc.
  • Real-time Data Capture
    • An extensive library of distributed, open APIs, adapters and drivers
    • Dynamically pluggable and extensible
    • Build-your-own options using high-level toolkit
    • Possibility to instantiate on the fly as either agents, adapters or both
  • Real-time data validation, cleanup and repair

    Pre-analysis to rectify, fill, and make use of records affected by:

    • Lack of data
    • Delayed data
    • Out-of-order data
    • Erroneous data, etc.
  • Continuous data stream consolidation
    • Automated discovery and user-directed parsing
    • Built with streaming SQL queries (sums, averages, statistical functions, etc.)
    • Binary and text
  • Continuous filtering and aggregation
    • Interactive suggestions and visualization within StreamLab
    • Built with streaming SQL queries (sums, averages, statistical functions, etc.)
    • Options for collection, parsing, transformation, cleaning and pre-analytics processing without SQL
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    CASE STUDY | Telco | stream consolidation

    ECaTS, a 911 Management Information System, uses SQLstream to capture, filter and aggregate over 65,000 calls daily, each carrying relevant user, technical and spatial labels. SQLstream Blaze consolidates streams for continuous ingest and provides adaptive scalability with 0% data loss through volume variations.

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