SQLstream Blaze: Real Time Streaming Analytics, Data Intelligence, and Integration Analyze

SQLstream Blaze integrates, transforms, aggregates, enriches, and analyzes data incrementally, correctly, continuously, and in real time—before it is stored.

Streaming analytics

SQLstream Blaze moves data analysis into real-time, continuously and correctly, bringing immediate context and insight to applications, services, and business models.

SQLstream Blaze enriches raw data as it arrives with reference data from any or multiple databases for additional business context. Unstructured, structured, local, distributed, in-motion and at-rest data may be integrated and analyzed continuously and at rates of millions of records per second per core.

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  • Continuous proper event sequencing

    SQLstream Blaze supports proper sequencing for all events including compensation for out-of-order, missed or a lack of events to enable correct analyzes and action.

  • Continuous transformation, aggregation, and enrichment

    SQLstream Blaze fully implements ANSI SQL standards to enable the most efficient analysis of business data.  Blaze has comprehensive support for the range of streaming operators to enable the full expression of business logic and to transform, filter, and aggregate incoming data streams to identify simple and complex patterns and ultimately provide applications with context to operationalize insights.

  • Continuous data integration

    SQLstream Blaze is the only platform that can integrate all data available from devices, networks, apps, and storage continuously and in real time.

    Bidirectional read/write/update connections enable:

    • A stable, unified architecture model where both streaming and historical data are processed in one layer, continuously and in real time.
    • Fast scenario testing.
    • Concurrent dataload for any number of different Big Data, RDBMS and EDW platforms, from the same input data.
    • Seamless additions of new Big Data platforms, such as Google BigQuery.
    • Kafka implementations through built-in plugins for Kafka & AMQP as source and sink.
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    InfoArmor employed SQLstream Blaze to power its real-time security intelligence platform servicing over 600 banks and financial institutions. The SQLstream analytics solution continuously monitors over 600,000 customer IDs and automatically deploys user-authorization revisions and real-time alerts when network or user security is at risk.

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