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SQLstream Blaze processes and operationalizes all data instantly, so people, services, and machines can manage any business situation continuously and in real-time.

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Businesses with the ability to harvest real-time intelligence from streaming data (structured and unstructured) can operationalize insight through instant action: mitigating anomalies, reporting results, or seizing opportunities when and where they happen.

SQLstream Blaze can load all data insight instantly, concurrently and continuously into both dynamic systems (where intelligence is either visualized, or used to trigger automated actions) and storage.

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  • Real-time visualization

    SQLstream Blaze can connect, explore and view analytics functions and results while data is streaming, with real-time, intelligent, interactive dashboards.

    • Wizards provide instant connection to a wide variety of data sources
    • Interactive stream browser selects, splits, casts and transforms fields with updates applied immediately and stream structures changing in real-time
    • AI-powered suggestions tool implements parsers and formatting rules automatically, and offers recommendations for data structuring based on ongoing analysis
    • Real-time dashboards provide push-based, continuous visualization of real-time analytics and alerts and can be redesigned with a click while data is in motion. They include line graphs, bar charts, maps and text reports and can be personalized through color-coding, labeling, and custom wireframes.
  • Automated actions

    Insight is translated into immediate alerts or device activation through autonomous processes free of human intervention or error.

    • User and consumer push-based notifications, updates and alerts
    • Automated shutdowns, wraparounds and selective process re-routing
    • Automated equipment and network diagnostic, self-maintenance and repairs
  • Continuous load into Big Data and storage

    Data can be streamed into any number of destinations, simultaneously: Hadoop, NoSQL platforms, databases, Oracle, SQLServer, and  RDBMS platforms such as Teradata.

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