Using the Dashboards Home Page

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Using the Dashboards Home Page

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A dashboard is a web page that contains one or more panels, each of which visualizes data from s-Server or StreamLab. These can named, saved, and reopened. They have unique URLs, which you can share with others and embed in another web page. Dashboards can also can be protected, making them read-only.

Generally, you will want to have multiple dashboards to show different aspects of your data.  You may want to start with a single dashboard and save a copy of it when you are satisfied with it, building up a set of dashboards for their project.

Using the Dashboards Home Page

Each instance of StreamLab has a Dashboards home page, located at myhost:5595/dashboards. You can also open s-Dashboard by clicking Dashboards on the StreamLab home page.

Note: If you are running s-Dashboard on a port other than 5595, substitute that port for 5595 in the sentence above.

The home page lists all dashboards created in this instance of s-Dashboard, lets you create new dashboards, lock and unlock existing dashboards, and delete existing dashboards. It also contains a set of starter dashboards. These are pre-configured arrangements of panels that you can customize with your own content.

Begin by clicking the Open Dashboard iconsd_open_db_icon for one of the dashboards.


Locking Dashboards

At times, you may want to share dashboards with other users without allowing them to change a dashboard's layout or input.

You can lock dashboards by clicking the lock icon on the Dashboards home page.


Dashboards opened when protected will not have SQLstream logo icons or other controls in title bars. Frames and title bars will not highlight when hovered. Menus are not available.